Game search & selection + work modes explanation

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Game search & selection + work modes explanation

Post by Anfet » Tue Jun 12, 2012 6:29 pm


In order for L2Tracker to work correctly, it needs to recognise your lineage2 client window(s). If L2Tracker does not recognise your client window, you need to set it up manually. This can be done in L2 Tracker via Setup -> Program Setup -> Work Modes tab.

To find game windows you can use these simple steps.
- Check if your client window has a different name from original. If it does, simply type your window name in "window name" edit.
- You can also use "pick window" button to manually select your client.
- If your window name is blank, you can select appropriate process name.


Video mode:
- Compatibility mode is an old and slower mode, which is incompatible with some servers. You should always use Direct Capture mode for smoother running of L2Tracker. (Shown as disabled when selected)
- Internal interface should always be enabled.
- Emulation mode - Uses your mouse and keyboard to simulate user input. This will be recognised exactly as if you were typing by hand.
- Activate window - Some servers use primitive clicker defence which kill the game process as soon as you start any clicker. Enable this option if you are experiencing the same problem.
- Full mouse emulation - Mouse will hop to your panel and use skills. This option is very user unfriendly and should be used only as last resort. (I’ve met only one server so far, that had protection against everything, except this.)

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Re: Game search & Work modes explanation

Post by Anfet » Wed Jun 13, 2012 11:47 am

When you are running more than one client, you are required to specifiy which is your main char window and which is your alt character window.

This can be done in L2Tracker by clicking on »Windows« button.

New window will pop up. Here you can see a list of found games. Use appropriate buttons on the right to specify your main character (with M button) and your buff char (with buttons from 2-9).
Windows form
Windows.png (7.72 KiB) Viewed 3332 times
If you have selected at least main character, your L2Tracker main window will be updated to this:
Main window
mainTracker.png (7.95 KiB) Viewed 3332 times
Picture above shows how L2Tracker main window should look like, if your l2client is recognised by L2Tracker.
Here you can see character names, amount of their HP/MP/CP (shown with black letters) and your target's HP( next to your HP window, shown in red/blue letters).

Note that main character has internal tracker number = 0.
Party group members range from 1 to 9.
Buff chars range from: 10 - 18.

This means you can make task such as this:

Code: Select all

If (0) HP < 65 (1sec)
 - use skill (GHP)
 - prolong 15 sec


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