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l2tracker capabilities:

  • Tracker can click in inactive windows allowing you to bot in background *
  • Can be used to multi-bot. Up to 4 characters
  • You can select hunting spots, obsctacle bypass, moving between spots
  • Can use items/skills/macros depending on HP/MP/CP
  • Robust setup from simple hit&kill to complex party scripts
  • Autohealing self and party
  • Mouse and keyboard emulation, even not game related
  • Out-of-party buffer healer support
  • Allows you to control oop buffers healers from main window *
  • Auto CP usage
  • Allows ressurection/party invites from specific players
  • Fishing is fully supported with bait change/time detection
  • Auto life stone inserts
  • Auto Skill enchants
  • Auto item enchants
  • And more...

Full setup guide can be found here.


  • Does not use injects or hacks.
  • Does not collect any character/account data.
  • Easy to use.
  • Transparent for game client.